Uses of Soybeans: What are Soybeans Used for?

The uses of soybeans are wide and varied throughout the world and the United States - from food ingredients and soyfoods, to animal feed and industrial products. No matter how the soybean is used, there is one constant: soy protein remains a powerful source of nutrition that helps people, animals and economies grow. Protein’s vital role in global nutrition makes it important for consumers and the food industry to stay up-to-date on the uses of soybeans.

What Is Soybean Used for in Cooking?

In the U.S., soybeans are grown and used in many products including heart-healthy cooking oils, soy protein products like tofu and much more. Soy foods can also be fermented to make flavorful toppings and seasonings like soy sauce, miso paste, tempeh, natto, pickled tofu, and more. By exploring our soy recipes, you can find more uses for your soy food products to get an extra dose of healthy protein during meals. Learn more about soybean uses including soybean oil and soy protein here on Soy Connection.